The Cytometry and Cell Sorting platform uses advanced equipment for multiparameter analysis and separation of living or fixed cells in suspension. It is based on the analysis of the morphological characteristics and the marking of the samples with fluorescent molecules, intercalating agents or antibodies bound to fluorophores.

The platform has trained technical personnel to assist in the planning of the experiment, use of the equipment and data analysis.



  • Multiparameter analysis.
  • Calcium imaging.
  • Cellular cycle.
  • Cell proliferation.
  • Apoptosis
  • 2-way cell sorting (in cytometry tubes or Falcon 15 ml)
  • Multiwell cell sorting (6/12/24/48/96 wells)
  • Single-cell sorting.



  • BD FACSCantoII cytometer with 488 and 633nm lasers (4-2 channels)
  • Cell Sorter BD FACSJazz with 488nm laser (4 channels)


The Cytometry and Cell Sorting service is open to the scientific community through the National System of Flow Cytometry, dependent on the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

In charge of the Cell Sorting Platform

Dr. Cora Pollak

Bioq. Alejandra Attorresi