The work environment at IBioBA is dynamic, inquisitive and enriching. We are driven by the search for answers to basic questions of science in the field of biomedicine, and by the curiosity to understand processes and mechanisms.

In our laboratories, professionals from different parts of the world work collaboratively in the 13 multidisciplinary research groups + the Max Planck Guest Laboratory of IBioBA.

If you are considering the IBioBA to conduct your thesis, doctorate or master’s degree in any of the work groups, please do not hesitate to contact them or send us a message.

Gender equality

IBioBA adheres to the principles of the Max Planck Society to promote equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family life.

Code of conduct of the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society encourages the maxim of a non-discriminatory culture, in which the variety and diversity of employees are seen as an opportunity and in which all are met with equal respect and shown the same esteem. Neither ethnic origin, descent nor other categories of origin nor sex, gender nor sexual orientation, religion nor world-view, disability nor age may lead to personal or professional disadvantages and influence the opportunities of an individual to access to the organization or to promotion and qualification within the organization.

To work in Argentina

Argentina is a wide, culturally-diverse country, with beautiful landscapes and a broad scientific research spectrum. Buenos Aires is one of the most dynamic and largest cities in South America, and the neighborhood of Palermo – where our institute is located – is an important gastronomic and social district.

To find out about the legal requirements to work temporarily or permanently in Argentina, please visit this website (in Spanish)

IBioBA is one of the thriving scientific research institutes of Buenos Aires, with a long term association with the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), hospitals and research institutes.