Students from the UBA Medical School, who are taking the School of Cell Biology and Genetics Assistantship in the First Chair of Histology, came to the Institute to have a practical experience of laboratory techniques.

Guided by Sebastián Giusti, IBioBA´s researcher in the Molecular Neurobiology group, and teacher of the mentioned subject, the twenty students worked in groups in the laboratory to analyze their genetic information through a Forensic Genetics technique based on PCR reaction. They then met to analyze the results obtained and share their experiences.


The objective of this experience is to enrich their practical knowledge about theoretical contents that they study but do not carry out at the university, and that later, as teachers, they will have to share with other students. In addition, it allows them to get closer to the world of research in Biomedical Sciences, which is a field of professional incursion that is currently not very popular among medical graduates.