The Buenos Aires Biomedicine Research Institute (IBioBA) organized a symposium with lectures related to the study of long COVID and its impact on the neurological system.

IBioBA members participated in an interesting discussion with colleagues from the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo, member of the Mercosur Biomedicine Network, in a symposium with the following presentations: “Consortium for the study of the neurological sequelae of long COVID”, by Fernando Pitossi from the Instituto Leloir; “Fast and Furious X: Axonal transport defects in neurodegenerative diseases”, Tomás Falzone, head of the Cellular Neurobiology and Genetics group at IBioBA; and the guests from the Institut Pasteur of Montevideo, Luis Barbeito, who spoke on “Neurocovid and Neuroinflammation” and Emiliano Trias who presented: “Dialogue glia-mast cells in neurodegenerative diseases: therapeutic strategy”.