For the first time in Latin America, this meeting brought together endocrinologists and researchers from seven countries in the region.

The IBioBa was chosen as the host of the tenth edition of the Latin American Knowledge Network (LAKN). Gathered under the motto “Ten years sharing knowledge, caring people” it brought together 107 specialists in endocrinology from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay in the auditorium of the Cultural Center of Science in the same Technological Scientific Polo where the Institute is also located.  This scientific event is sponsored by the research laboratory IPSEN, Innovation for Patient Care.

The dissertation program was designed by the LAKN Steering Committee and the director of IBioBA, Eduardo Arzt. The preparation was based on multidisciplinary and cutting-edge criteria with the aim of offering a clinical and translational perspective to issues related to neuroendocrine pathologies. The management of LAKN responds to the growing need to take advantage of academic research while developing new models of global collaboration that provide a platform to discuss the most urgent issues related to pituitary disorders.


Within the presentations there were two that were made by researchers of the Institute. On the one hand, Eduardo Arzt, in addition to conducting guided tours at IBioBA facilities at the end of each day, presented “Senescence role in pituitary tumor development”. On the other hand, the researcher Mariana Fuertes spoke on “Mechanism of PTTG stability in the control of pathogenecity of pituitary adenomas”.

Dr. Marcelo Páez Pereda also spoke about Radiopharmaceuticals in Neuroendocrine tumos (NET) management. Almost thirty years ago he was an Arzt´s PhD student and currently holds the position of Senior Director of IPSEN. “When I was a PhD student of Eduardo we worked late and when we got back we always passed through the corner street where the IBioBA is now. We would never really have dreamed that this place could have been transformed into this research center that brings us together thirty years later” he says, surprised.

Eduardo Arzt.
Eduardo Arzt.


The history of these scientific update meeting toured along some of the excellence research centers in Europe and the United States. On this occasion the IBioBA is incorporated into the list. From the first to the last the previous editions were:

2010 – Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA)

2011 – Faculté de Medicine Paris (Paris, France)

2012 – Harris Manchester College, Oxford University (UK)

2013 – CEDARS – SINAI (Los Angeles, USA)

2014 – Erasmus Medical Centre (Rotterdam, Holland)

2015 – Max Planck Institute of Pyschiatry (Munich, Germany)

2016 – La Conception Hospital (Marseille, France)

2017 – Servizio Galego de Saude  (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

2018 – Charité Universitats medizin (Berlin, Germany)

2019 – Biomedicine Research Institute of Buenos Aires– CONICET – Partner Institute of the Max Planck Society (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

LAKN - Buenos Aires, Argentina