Sixteen speakers participated in the meeting.

Fellows of the Institute organized the workshop ‘Neurobiology Perspectives‘ held on May 16 and 17, within the framework of the FOCEM Biomedicine Network Project of MERCOSUR, in which the IBioBA participates. The objectives were to present and learn about the latest advances in neurobiology, as well as to promote the exchange of knowledge with different professionals and work groups in the country and MERCOSUR.

Researchers Pedro Bekinschtein, Ángel Caputi, Tomás Falzone, Silvia Kochen, Natalia Lago, Violeta Medan, Juana Pasquini, Diego Hernán Rayes, Sidarta Ribeiro, Guillermo Solovey, Enzo Tagliazucchi and Jessika Urbanavicius were in charge of the panels, where topics such as epilepsy, spinal cord injury, neuroscience, education and mental health, and cellular and molecular biology, among others.

In addition, thanks to FOCEM scholarships, 14 scholars and students from the interior of Argentina and from MERCOSUR member countries participated in the meeting.

The last panel of May 17 was an interdisciplinary debate table on neurosciences and society, where José Antonio Castorina, Lucía Ciccia, Andrés Rieznik and Diana Jerusalinsky discussed on different aspects of the role and application of neurosciences in topics ranging from the treatment of different conditions, science communication, gender perspective and education.