Two recent publications of the Institute were highlighted by CONICET, that interviewed the two groups that generated the publications, Dr. Carolina Perez Castro and Dr. Susana Silberstein.

How does the brain tumor originate and develop? (in Spanish)

Researchers from CONICET discovered a mechanism involved in the development and growth of glioblastoma, a very aggressive cancer variant.

Story on the work of the group ‘Cancer Stem Cells and Cell Plasticity‘, led by Carolina Perez Castro.

A new player in the response to stress (in Spanish)

Scientists working ar CONICET discovered a new source of a molecule that is involved in the response of the Corticotropin-releasing hormone and that could be involved in other cell response systems.

Story on the work of the group ‘Molecular mechanisms involved in CRH receptors signaling‘, led by Susana Silberstein.