IBioBA is a research institute devoted to find answers and providing solutions to relevant biomedical questions from a multidisciplinary approach.

Researchers working at the institute study the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the normal and pathological processes of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative and neuroendocrine conditions, among others.

With your support researchers, technicians and fellows scholars working at IBioBA can continue looking for the answers that can contribute to the development of new drugs and treatments for the population.


Throughout history, every scientific advance has been possible with the help of countless people. Your contribution today can make a difference tomorrow.

We want to thank the following companies, institutions and individuals. With their contribution, scientists at IBioBA continue advancing in their research projects:

  • ACTAA: Argentinean-German Association of Science and Technology.
  • Baliarda S.A.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Argentina S.A.
  • Cámara Argentina de Biotecnología.
  • Accountant Sergio Margulis.
  • DHL Global Forwarding Argentina S.A.
  • Dr. Thomas Leonhardt.
  • Dr. Federico Leonhardt.
  • Public Notary Irma P. de Alonso.
  • Bunge & Born Foundation.
  • Fundación Williams [Williams Foundation].
  • Laboratory ELEA S.A.C.I.FyA.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Novo Nordisk.
  • Pförtner – Contactología y Óptica.
  • Rapi-Estant S.A.
  • Sidus S.A.