Molecular mechanisms involved in CRH receptors signaling

Group Leader

Dr. Susana Silberstein
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Postdoc Student

Silbermins, Micaela.

PhD Student

Paula A. dos Santos Claro.


Lindl, Karen.

The main goal of our group is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of corticotrophin- releasing hormone (CRH) signaling in its physiological contexts through the identification of the molecular components involved in the activation of its effectors (cyclic AMP, kinases, calcium).

The molecular pathways that mediate CRH signaling and its related peptides are explored with molecular and pharmacological approaches. To that end, we use as models cell lines that express CRH receptors (CRHR1 and CRHR2), in which proteomic analyses are conducted to generate hypotheses that can be then tested using molecular and cell biology tools.

These results contribute to the knowledge of the mechanisms of action and the identification of new signaling pathways and their involved proteins, which can lead to the discovery of new therapeutic targets for diseases associated with the CRH system.

Publications related to this project

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