Cancer stem cells and cell plasticity

Group Leader

Dra. Carolina Perez Castro
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PhD Students

Lucía Canedo, Melina D. Muñoz Bernart, Marina Belén Cuenca (co-dirección)


Nicolás Budnik.

In the laboratory we study the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the dynamic regulation of cell plasticity to understand the behavior of tumors originating from cells that underwent a reprogramming process, and how the tumor micro-environment regulates the expression of key genes that regulate cellular plasticity.

The activities of members of the TGF-beta family, i.e. TGF-beta/Activin-like factors and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are required for the maintenance of Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) self-renewal and pluripotency properties and fulfill relevant functions in the regulation of different cellular processes that are essential for tissue homeostasis.

The research focus proposes to explore how TGF-beta family proteins (and the cross-talk to other main pathways) regulate genes that are potentially critical for self-renewal property in CSC.

Our strategies include the use of human tumor samples and mouse xenograft models. In addition, we use three-dimensional (3D) cultures of cancer cells that approximate in vitro the conditions found in the tumor. In order to visualize and model the organization and dynamic progression of tumor cells in these cultures, we carried out a multidisciplinary approach and different advanced microscopy methods.

Publications related to this project

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