Seminars at IBioBA – 2015

During the 2018 IBioBA Seminar Series, national and international invited speakers lectured, and joint activities have been performed with other Institutes at the Polo. All the seminars that have been held on during this cycle are listed below. Seminars 2015

Max Planck International Neuroscience Symposium & Workshop

The International 2015 Neuroscience Symposium “Synapses and Circuits” was held with more than 200 participants on September 3rd to 4th. CONICET – Se llevó a cabo el “Simposio Internacional 2015 Max Planck en neurociencia: sinapsis y circuitos” (announcement, in Spanish) On September 2 the Workshop with 50 students from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, took place…

Symposium at the IBioBA

On July 13 the Symposium on “Molecular Dynamics on Cell Fate Decision” and ” Metabolic signatures”, took place at the IBioBA, in the frame of the Max Planck Society – CONICET collaborative program for selection of new Research Groups.

The IBioBA at the 9th World IBRO Congress

The IBioBA together with the FioCruz organizers the IBRO Satellite Workshop “The Neural Basis of Depression”, an activity of the Mercosur/FOCEM program. The workshop will take place in Rio de Janeiro on July 7, please find more details in the following link:: IBRO 2015 – 9th World Congress.